Tent Warehouse

Tent Warehouse Fix Type

With its unique basic structure such as an arc-shaped roof with excellent durability, we have improved storage quality based on reduction of construction costs, and have been highly trusted by many customers.
Considering usability, the size and type of opening and other equipment can be set separately (optional) according to the purpose and purpose of the facility.
Rental Tents and Tent leases are also available.

HYBRID Tent Warehouse

Durability and crime prevention are dramatically improved, and the brightness remains the same, which reduces the power consumption of daytime lighting and contributes to energy saving and cost reduction.

Expandable Tent Warehouse

When the outer wall and roof are folded, the inside of the Warehouse becomes an open space, which makes it easier for large vehicles to enter and exit, and for long and heavy objects to be taken in and out smoothly by crane work.

Tent Products

Loading Area Roof

Create a space freely according to the situation at the site and the purpose of the customer! Tent products can be used for a variety of purposes.
It improves efficiency of the handling as the chamber to temporarily store of the accumulated distribution product and a handling place, an outdoor workshop at the time of the rainy weather.

Canteen Roof・Rest Area Roof・Walkway Roof

Parking Roof・Canvas Room・Jabara Curtain

Uniflow Door Products

High-Speed Sheet Shutter

Uniflow High-Speed Sheet Shutter will be extremely useful for improvement of anti-dust, anti-insects and air-conditioning with its fast opening & closing and high airtightness in your Factory and Warehouse.
Depends on your site environment, we can propose you a suitable one from many kinds of functional model, such as anti-wind pressure, auto-reverse ascending etc.

Semi Auto Swing Door

Swing Door opens with a light touch of a finger and closes automatically and slowly. It doesn’t stop a workflow.
It is an eco-friendly product have a high durability and can be used for a long period of time without maintenance.

Sliding Door

Sliding Door is easy to open and close automatically, improving flow of people and work efficiency, as well as providing a smooth passage for elderly people and wheel chair users.
We will deliver as well as customized solutions for such as surface materials, (Colored steel plate, SUS, aluminium), windows and/or louver options, handle, reinforcements(bumpers, base plates and hardware accessories) that best suits your specifications.

PVC Curtain

A PVC vinyl curtain that is effective for insect repellent, dustproof, sound insulation, and energy saving. 
Smooth entry and exit is possible while suppressing the intrusion of outside air. By partitioning the room with PVC curtains, the air conditioning effect is improved. 
Similar effects can be obtained with indoor air conditioning control and refrigerators / freezers.