Tomas Engineering is a Tent Manufacturer that provides Japanese Quality Tent Products. 
We build Tent Products from Design to Construction, and use Durable FlameProof Tent Canvas made in Japan. 
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Tent Warehouse

A Warehouse using Membrane material realizes a comfortable space at low cost. Moreover, since expansion and relocation can be done in a short period of time, it is possible to fully utilize the land according to future designs.

Tent Products

We create a space according to the situation at the site and the usage of the customer.

  • Loading Roof
  • Canteen Roof
  • Rest Area Roof
  • Walkway Roof
  • Parking Roof
  • Canvas Room
  • Jabara Curtain

Uniflow Door Products

We are an authorized distributor that imports and install Uniflow Products. 
We handle various doors and PVC curtains, including the highly airtight High-Speed Sheet Shutter “Jetter” and the wind-resistant “Smoother”, as well as the self-closing swing door, which is Uniflow’s signature product.

FA Products , Energy Saving Products

  • Trackless AGV , AGV Wireless Charging System
  • Air Compressor & Control System
  • Control Panel Cooler
  • Solar System
  • Automatic Storage
  • Waste Oil Recycling
  • Lubricant
  • Cutting Tools &Cutting Tool Grinding Machines
  • Anti-Bird Measures , Floor Painting